Cascade of Colors Collection

Resort collection

The inspiration for the Collection comes from the work of painter Mark Rothko, who used color to communicate emotion and passion. The formal shapes in his work are blocks of color — mesmerizing in their depth and complexity… and sensuous in their rounded, wispy edges… and powerful in their delicate balance with each other.

In exacting detail, he created almost dreamlike works of art, layering colors as if they were heartfelt feelings blended together right on the canvas. It’s no wonder he once wrote that “art to me is an anecdote of the spirit.”

It is this ability of color and shape to spark passion and the human imagination, to which we offer an homage with the Collection: Cascade of Colors.

Rothko once wrote that “shapes have no direct association with any particular visible experience,” but he knew that shapes had powerful emotional impact. In fact, he called them “performers.” And in his paintings he said that these performers were creating “an unknown adventure in an unknown space.”

Just like we do in our lives everyday.

All of us are on an unknown adventure, pursuing it everyday we step out into that great “unknown space” we call the world. With the power of our spirit, we each create our own space — one with depth and balance and even luminosity. And we invite others into that space, to experience it in a way that Rothko described as “not grandiose... [but] intimate and human.”

Rothko believed that art must be experienced. So open your heart to the sublime richness of your own spirit. Blend colors and shapes to create your own unique presence, let your “performers” express the story of your life, and let the world experience the work of art that is you.

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